Which attitude do you as a teacher take on?

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Below are four different attitudes teachers take toward students speaking their native languages in class. Which do you do? Which do you want to do? 

Schwarzer (2001) states:

Forbid Them: A teacher with this attitude forbids multiliteracy development by ignoring a student's native language. Instead of fostering a student's native language, the teah believes their main job is to foster English language development only. (pg 78)

Allow Them: Teachers with this attitude allow their students to use their native language in the classroom/school, but the use of a student's native language is only permitted when used for the purpose of teaching or developing English. An example of this would be: If children are using Spanish during recess. (pg 78)

Maintain Them:  This is when students are taught by somone other than the teacher, a special teacher, who knows the language.  This happens either after school or in extracurricular activities. (pg 78)

Foster Them:  Teachers in the classroom should foster multiliteracy development.  The teachers must show interest in the student's home language.  This includes the languages that are read and written in the home.  The teacher needs to find someone in the school or community who can help foster the students' languages wihtin the classroom. (pg 78)